Red Cross Desperate For All Blood Type Donations During Summer Slump

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– The Red Cross has a dire need for blood donations. They said they have been in emergency mode since July. The Red Cross is urging everyone to hit a blood bank because they are desperate for every single type of blood right now. They are hoping the summer slump goes away soon– but right now, they’re in emergency mode.

“Every single type is the missing type. We ask each person to imagine if you or a loved one were in a situation where they needed blood and there wasn’t the blood there to save their lives. That’s where we may end up,” Patti Nanney said, account manager for Red Cross in Columbia. 

They are so desperate right now, they are giving Amazon gift cards to all those who come donating blood or platelets through August 30th. William Kennedy says this is his second time in the donation center in the past week so he can give platelets.

“So, I began giving in the 70s and have not learned to stop yet,” Kennedy said. Kennedy says this is such an easy donation because it doesn’t cost anything–  just time. And for someone whose time is running out, your donation is priceless.

“I still have a fear of needles, I just close my eyes tight, do whatever it takes to get through it. Because this is important. Very important we all participate in this. Think about your loved ones,” Kennedy said.

In all, this process has been incredibly easy and it takes under an hour. The Red Cross wants more people to get into these beds to make a big difference in someone’s life.

“Give it a try. It’s helping people, it’s helping each other. We’re all in this together,” Kennedy said. Kennedy said even some of his own relatives have needed blood before. Which is why he makes sure to come in and donate every 52 days for whole blood, and every seven days for platelets.

“We know that help is right around the corner, but where are we at today? The need is constant, every single day” Nanney said.

The Red Cross says once school picks up they do a lot better because college kids help them out a ton. However, right now, they’re deep in a deficit.

Again, they’re offering up Amazon gift cards if you come in and donate whole blood or just the platelets, and every blood donation can save up to three people’s lives. 

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