Things to know if you want to volunteer following Florence

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Today, President Donald Trump declared South Carolina and specifically eight counties, including Orangeburg as disaster areas.

This allows federal reimbursement through FEMA to be used for costs associated with emergency, life and safety actions during Hurricane Florence.

FEMA crews are already working in South Carolina. If you are interested in volunteering, SCEMD reminds people to consider the following before going to the impacted areas.

  • Help your neighbors and local community first.
  • First responders are trained in life-safety disaster operations and typically cannot support unknown, spontaneous volunteers.
  • Be sure to connect with an existing voluntary organization before coming to the disaster area, and check to see if that organization has been asked to respond.
  • Wait until it is safe to travel to volunteer sites and opportunities have been identified.
  • Once assigned a position, make sure you have been given an assignment and are wearing proper safety gear for the task.
  • Be sure to check with your current employer to make sure you can take leave from your job to help your chosen volunteer organization.

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