Update on This Weekend’s Storm

This weekend will be wet here in the Midlands as a slow moving storm will swing through. And in the last few days, there has been a lot of discussion about this storm producing snow. Just a few things to consider. First of all the storm has yet to form. So we won’t know its track for a few more days. And the storm track is everything. If the storm tracks to the north (green arrows), then we’ll get nothing but rain. If it tracks a bit farther south (pink arrows), then we’ll get a wintry mix. If it tracks much farther to the south (white arrows), then we’ll get snow. Early indications are that the storm track will be the northern one, so that means it’s looking like a soggy weekend here in the Midlands. That said, if you’re traveling to the North Carolina mountains, then you should be prepared for heavy snow.  Please stay tuned



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