Traveling tips for those flying when the weather is bad

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO)– While some were excited for the possibility of snow, most travelers in Columbia’s Metropolitan Airport weren’t looking forward to the winter-like weather because it might impact their flights. Overall the staff at CAE say it’s been really smooth going even with the snow storms up north.

“Weather can be great here in Columbia but where you’re going it might not be so great. So always remember to check with your airline for those last minute updates as well,” Lynne Douglas said, a spokesperson for CAE Airport.

Steven Benjamin has been stranded at CAE Airport since 3 am. The Charlotte airport was shut down due to weather, so he couldn’t make his connecting flight to Connecticut.  

“Be thankful they took the precaution to shut down the airport rather than to risk injury,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin says he does not mind though. For him, and many other travelers, safety, and security is the number one thing on their mind.

“Be safe, especially with children and family. That’s really it,” Jeremy Smith said. 

If you’re planning on hopping on a plane to go visit family or go somewhere a bit warmer– Benjamin has some key advice for anyone traveling.

“Try to plan early if you’re traveling. Early preparations is the key. And then be ready to adjust incase anything happens like this. Be able to adjust. Don’t be upset. Just be able to adjust,” Benjamin said.

TSA recommends arriving an hour and a half before your domestic flight and two hours ahead of your flight if you’re traveling internationally. For those who might have a little one with them, Jeremy Smith has some tips on how to make sure they’re not screaming the whole flight there.  

“Distractions definitely. Maybe a game, snacks, drinks, anything. Music for him,” Smith said.

Those at CAE Airport say it’s not too late to grab your seat and take a flight home for the holidays. 

“It’s never too late but again, go ahead and book those trips, because you want to make sure you get the best airfare and if there’s a specific day you want to travel on and arrive, you definitely want to book it now and get it done,” Douglas said.

The last piece of advice TSA has for those traveling: do not try to go through TSA with your gifts already wrapped in your luggage. They are most likely going to have to unwrap the gifts when you go through. 


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