Why Weather Apps Fall Short

Lot’s of folks rely on weather apps to give them specifics on weather forecasts. Generally speaking these apps get the forecast nearly correct most of the time. But when it really counts – severe weather, rain/snow line, etc., these apps just are not able to deliver. Here’s why. They are completely computer generated. That is, a huge computer crunches a bunch of equations to give you the forecast at your specific location. The computer has no way of interpreting its results (temperature, wind, rain, snow, thunderstorm) – it simply spits them out. The computer is not capable of the nuance necessary to give the most accurate predictions. As technology improves, so will the completely-computer generated forecasts. But they’re not quite there yet. Here’s an article that goes much deeper into the topic. https://www.forbes.com/sites/marshallshepherd/2019/01/29/four-reasons-why-but-my-weather-app-said-is-so-frustrating/#3e21cc10f0bb


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