The Things That People Say to “Dismiss” Climate Change

I am a meteorologist with a masters degree in meteorology. I have taken graduate-level classes in climate change and have done extensive reading and study on the subject over the last 25 years. That said, I know my place. I am an operational meteorologist. I am not a climate scientist. Although there is clearly overlap, my focus is the weather over the next 7 days. A climatologist focuses on much longer time scales. More than 97% of those climatologists (folks with PhD’s in climatology) conclude that the earth is warming and humans are the cause. What I find perplexing is why many folks choose to disregard what these experts are saying. And the climate experts are saying that we’re running out of time to make significant changes in order to avoid the most significant impacts of a warmer planet.

As a society, we don’t reject what cancer experts, physics experts, chemical experts, etc., have to say, but for some reason climatologists (who have the same extensive study in their field) are somehow not trusted. I often wonder to myself how many people would ignore the warnings of 32 out of 33 oncologists given them a diagnosis of a brain tumor.

This article by Dr. Marshall Shepherd covers many of the statements that I’ve heard over the years.


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