The future of education may be four letters: ABii

Tyler Ryan learns about how an AI robot is changing the ways kids learn core skills



COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – According to Van Robotics founder and creator of ABii Laura Boccanfuso, Ph.D, proficient math skills have fallen sharply in schools across the Country in recent years, and South Carolina students are among the worst when it comes to basic skills.  This staggering information is what lead Boccanfuso to take ten years of research at Yale University, and a passion for the integration of technology in classrooms to invent the first artificial intelligence tutor, commercially available to schools and homes.

Boccanfuso explains that ABii is not simply an electronic educational tool to increase productivity in kids.  ABii incorporates technology that not only tracks performance, but detects stress and other factors in the overall academic success in K-5 students.

ABii is paired with an integrated learning platform that holds attention, inspires interaction with the lesson to ensure the best success, building the students confidence and overall skill.

Boccanfuso says that ABii will be available to schools and commercially available to anyone who is looking to increase math skills in kids.

You can learn more about the years of research and science that had gone into the creation of ABii, as well as find information on how to integrate ABii in your home or classroom check out


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