CAE celebrates Delta Airlines 85th birthday!

(Image:Delta Airlines/CAE)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) —  Columbia It’s a exciting day at the Metropolitan Airport! Delta Airlines is celebrating 85 years of continous service at CAE. With the first passenger flight gliding into the friendly skies from Columbia on August 8, 1934.

More than 8 decades later, travel has transformed by leaps and bounds. In 1934 when passengers were boarding the 7-passenger Stinson Model T airplane with a flying speed of only a100 mph, Passengers mostly dressed to impressed as organizers say it was most a popular mode of transportation with the wealthy.

As Delta planes changed, so did their affordability with the introduction of economy class and low-fare airlines.

Mike Gula, CAE Executive Director released a statement saying,

Delta Air Lines has always been a great partner,…“We congratulate them on this incredible milestone of continuous air service in Columbia and also thank them for providing our travelers with such excellent service. We’re looking forward to many more years of that same great service as well as continued growth at CAE.”

The airline’s first passenger flight arrived in Columbia on the morning of August 8th.

A roundtrip ticket from Columbia to Dallas, in 1934, cost $87.39. The flight to Dallas made eight stops and took an elapsed time of over 20 hours.

Fast forward to today,  where CAE officials say they now provide nonstop service to 10 major cities and welcomed more than 1.2 million passengers in 2018.

 The anniversary will be celebrated with refreshments at Delta’s gate area all day and you are invited to join in the celebration. 

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