Actor known for playing the bad guy on screen, is hailed hero

Los Angeles, CA (CNN) —-

A familiar face of one of Hollywood’s most well known actors to play a villian, has become a real life hero off the big screen.

Actor Danny Trejo jumped into action while walking dosn a street in Los Angeles after witnessing an accident. Wednesday Trejo rescued a baby that was trapped inside of one of the cars involved in the collision that ended up flipping upside down Wednesday afternoon.

The car was came to rest on its roof with the baby still strapped into its car seat inside.

Trejo didn’t take all the credit for the rescue. He said he and another woman worked together trying to get the baby out of the overturned vehicle.

Three people involved in the crash were taken to the hospital but are all expected to be okay.

No word on what caused the crash.

(Photo images courtesy of: CNN/Rich Polk/Getty)

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