Making new memories of Summer Camp at Camp Cole – by lacing up your shoes

Tyler Ryan learns about the plans for Camp Cole from one of the founders.


Columbia SC (WOLO)–The memories made at summer camp tend to stay with us for a lifetime.  Friendships that last years, memories of adventures in the woods, with animals, and even swimming for days.  For many children, young adults, and even adults who suffer from cancer and other major health issues, those memories may never be made – until now – or until 2121.

Kelsey Carter and Margaret Deans Fawcett Grantz have founded a special 200 bed camp to help chance that, with the creation of Camp Cole.  According to Carter, the inspiration came from her brother Cole, who lost his battle with cancer in 2004 at the age of 11. His fight with the disease exposed him to a special summer camp experience where he met other children facing serious illnesses. The friendships he made brought normalcy and joy to his life, and for a short while, allowed Cole and his family to connect, share, laugh and cry with other families facing similar challenges.

The facility will include 200 beds, and feature state of the art on site medical treatment, and all of amenities you would expect of an adventure at camp.

Carter and Grantz explained that the initial capital raise is $10 million, about half of which has been realized.  In order to continue to get that goal, several events have been planned, including a 5K trail run.

You can learn more HERE.

Both Carter and Grantz also appeared on the iHeart radio program Carolina Cares.

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