Mother says men posing as Child Protective Service agents tried to take her 4 year old son

(CNN) —A Marysville, Wash mother says two people showed up on her front doo0r step, claiming to be Agent with Child Protective Services and according to her tried to take her son. That little boys mother, Jessi McCombs saying, “Haven’t wanted to let him go since I picked him up.”

McCombs says the duo, professionally dressed showed up at her home at 7:30 Monday morning, when she says she thought perhaps they had the wrong address. That was until she claims they said her sons name and birthday. When she asked for credentials however, she said it raised red flags when they refused to show her anything.

That’s when McCombs told them to come back later as she fake dialed 9-1-1. She later reported the incident to Marysville Police, who are now investigating the incident. No other incidents similar in nature have been reported, but the state’s CPS says law enforcement always accompanies staff, who always carry agency identification.

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