Church security conference aims to keep houses of worship safe

Columbia,SC (WOLO)— An area insurance company that insures churches is determined to keep houses of worship safe. This, just 24 hours after police say a gunman tried to rob members of a church, Shooting one person during a 6AM Sunday morning worship service .

According to authorities, the incident happened at the Centro Cristiano De Columbia Church (2401 Decker Boulevard) At last check the victim who was shot remains hospitalized. Police say the gunman responsible for opening fire in the church has not yet been identified and is still on the loose.

The Church Security Conference is scheduled to be held Wednesday August 28, 2019 from 9:00AM-12:15PM at Seawell’s Conference Center which is located at 1125 Rosewood Drive in Columbia.

Columbia based insurance carrier, Southern Mutual Church Insurance Company says they have heard the requests for advice and information on  the best way of keeping churches and its members safe from those who aim to harm people coming to worship.

The company decided to host the conference in response to requests for help from policyholders.

Organizers say the impromptu free event, which has already garnered 300 participants is almost at full capacity and plans to offer information on why having a plan in place is one of the most important things to do. In addition, the conference will discuss South Carolina laws as they pertain to licensed gun owners  carrying concealed weapons on church property, training, protocols and safety equipment that can help keep your church families safe and secure.

Lunch will be provided for the three-hour conference. For additional information about the event you can click on the companies Church Security Resource page that will offer a wealth of knowledge for all area churches including a church security video uploaded on youtube and manual .


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