SC National Guard prepares for Hurricane Dorian response efforts

Over 1,800 soldiers and airmen are already on active duty along the coast

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) —In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, several members of the South Carolina National Guard are heading down to the coast to help those impacted by the storm.

With over 1,800 soldiers and airmen already stationed along the coast, the South Carolina National Guard is getting ready to do their part in helping communities heal.

“It’s critical for us to be able to provide whatever assets our local and state law authorities need in order to serve the citizens of South Carolina during this time,” said BG Jeff Jones, the Deputy Adjutant General for the South Carolina National Guard.

Currently in their Recovery and Response phase, the South Carolina National Guard is focusing its efforts on getting people out of harm’s way.

“The priority is life-saving, so we’re supporting this through air and ground, search and rescue and evacuation,” BG Jones said.

Even though they are there to provide assistance to local law enforcement, the National Guard has some tools that push recovery efforts along.

“We do offer the high-water vehicles en masse so we can cover more areas. We also team up with local law authorities, a lot of times the local fire department, to get out and cover those areas,” BG Jones said.

BG Jones said the unsung heroes of their rescue operations are the members of the State Guard, whom he says put a lot on the line to make recovery missions happen.

“They are driven 100% by their desire to help the citizens of South Carolina. They are volunteers who are not paid, and they are out on the line because of their love for the state,” BG Jones said.

BG Jones says his soldiers will be on the ground along the coast until local authorities tell them they are no longer needed. 

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