Lexington teen creates ‘Blessing Box’ to help community members in need

A Lexington teen is making a difference in the Gilbert community, by building a box and filling it with items to bless anyone who may be in need.


Gilbert, S.C. (WOLO) — A Lexington teen is making a difference in the Gilbert community, by building a box and filling it with items to bless anyone who may be in need. Rightfully named, the ‘Blessing Box’ is in Gilbert where it’s maintained and stocked daily.

“There is love in the community, and they will help to make sure other people are cared for,” said Audrey Binkley, the 16-year-old behind the box.

Audrey is a high school junior that was inspired to create the Blessing Box after going on a mission trip. She met a man who was struggling to feed himself and his family.

“It just made me real upset that I saw that, and I wondered how other people got food if they didn’t have it. So I decided to build a box for people so they could have food,” said Audrey.

“My heart is just overwhelmed with the fact that she wanted to reach out and do this for the community,” said Hope Binkley, Audrey’s mother.

In the few months it’s been around, the box is already making an impact.

“The box is being emptied out quite often,” said Audrey.  “Every day I come around 4:00 and I fill it up and I do that about every day to make sure there’s stuff in there.”

“They’re able to come here, there’s no judgement. Nobody knows who they are, they don’t have to answer any questions. And they come to this box, and they get what they need,” said Hope.

Donations are welcome from the community. But to make sure the box is never empty, Audrey supplies it herself.

“I work at Subway, and every two weeks I get paid and I take a portion out of it to go to filling up the box,” said Audrey.

The support from her family and friends helps make a difference in the community.

“I just wanted to do anything that I could to help her. Because I’m really proud of her, as a best friend, and it’s just really inspiring to me,” said one of Audrey’s best friends, Caroline Porter.

This Blessing Box is dedicated to Audrey’s grandpa, who she said would be proud of what she’s started.

“I learned from my grandfather. This is who the box is in honor of. He just always made sure that no one went without a meal. And I always really looked up to him,” said Audrey. “I know that times get hard and they need it, and it makes feel so good that it’s able to help people in need that need it, and they’re not going without a meal.”

The Blessing Box is at Restore Hope in Gilbert next to IGA. Anyone is welcome to donate nonperishable food items, hygiene products or clothes.

Audrey is in the process of building a second Blessing Box, which will be at Beulah United Methodist Church in Gilbert.

A holiday craft and vendor sale fundraiser for both Blessing Boxes will be held Sunday, Nov. 3 from noon until 5:00 p.m. at Hollow Creek Community Center.

For more information on the Blessing Box, click here to go to the Facebook group.

For more information on the fundraiser, click here.

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