Farmer floats his way into Halloween season by turning massive pumpkin into a boat

(CNN) — A farmer in Cleveland Tennessee floating high on the thought of celebrating Halloween and this year found a quite unique way to do it.

Justin Ownby says this has been an effort four years in the making, after trying but failing grow a massive pumpkin, but this year he finally did it. And boy, did he get a big surprise, a 910 pounder of a pumpkin.

Ownby’s wife says he gave the pumpkin a lot of love, caring for it carefully, every single day since May.  After Justin hallowed the pumpkin out in order to harvest the seeds for next year, he decided to have a little fun with his kids and turned it into a boat.

Earlier this week. Ownby put the huge gourd in a pond on the family property and started paddling around.

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