SC attorney general calls for Columbia Mayor to repeal two gun ordinances

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- The state’s Attorney General is questioning the legality of two gun ordinances passed by Columbia City Council this year.

The ordinances pertained to gun free school zones and extreme risk protections.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson issued his opinions regarding the ordinances claiming they undercut your second amendment rights.

In a letter directed at Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, Wilson questions two ordinances the city passed in September. One makes it illegal to carry within 1000 feet of schools.  The other gives family members and law enforcement the power to take guns away from someone who is “An extreme risk”

“We have gone within what the constitution allows us to do, what state law allows us to do, but most importantly our responsibility is to the citizens of Columbia,” Councilwoman Tameika Issac Devine said.

In his letter, Wilson wrote, “In an effort to uphold the rule of law and ensure protection of taxpayers, this office strongly urges that these ordinances be repealed. The ordinances not only undermine state law but undercut the second amendment.”

“What we passed, we believe will pass any type of constitutional challenge on the state or federal level,” Devine said. “But again if someone brings suit and court directs us to make any changes we will make it at that time, but right now there is no intention to change the ordinance at all.”

Mayor Benjamin also responded to the opinions in a letter, he said he would like to respectfully disagree with the AG’s opinion.

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