GM is Making a Run at Tesla

GM now has a battery pack that it says will deliver up to 400 miles on a single charge. One of the biggest difference between the GM batteries and the Tesla batteries is that the GM batteries are flexible, soft pouches as opposed to the Tesla batteries that are hard cylinders. This allows the GM batteries to be placed in many different configurations like books on a shelf or stacked vertically. This flexibility allows for the batteries to be placed into a wide variety of shapes.

Here’s a look at the full story:–J0UfuNWrhcyzK49wGLbMWty1kGGQRrDS2BpR21NPtRya0JcZItnYOL-kH7Vuh6k5ZFdGjTDKVIAKpNnFHCLaojbpGWf_36C1sAY18gT2jCybH4gw&_hsmi=84378844




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