“Live Like London”: How Chapin’s Maddux Harrell carries his sister’s legacy

CHAPIN, S.C. — For most high school athletes, announcing a commitment to play at the collegiate level is a chance to celebrate their own hard work and accomplishments.

For Maddux Harrell, he chose to take his moment, and share it with his big sister.

Harrell posted his commitment to Limestone College on March 13, what would have been his sister London’s 22nd birthday.

It was also her first birthday since her tragic passing after being hit by a drunk driver in Orlando last June.

From the first time he picked up a basketball, Harrell remembers his sister always going out to the courts with him to rebound his shots and hit him with passes. Basketball has always been a source of bonding for the two close siblings.

The last time he saw his sister was at one of his games for Chapin — she saw him dunk for the first time. In the days following her tragic death, Harrell turned to the game he loves as a form of therapy to help him through the grief.

When he heads to Gaffney next year to play for Limestone, he won’t see London in the stands. But he will always feel her watching over him.

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