Local teacher expands his classroom coast to coast

Hammond School Art Teacher Jim Lalumondier teaches across the nation

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-With schools closed across the country, in an effort to continue the educational process, teachers are getting creative…with technology.  Columbia’s Hammond School Art Teacher Jim Lalumondier has been sharing his mad artistic skills to elementary students for over 21 years, and now this prowess has expanded to a national level.

According to Lalumondier, Hammond had the foresight to start getting use prepared for online teaching 2 weeks ago. Lalumondier started making videos for his kids, which he created at his house.  These videos, which depict Lalumondier wearing funny hats, and engaging with viewers was very well received, and soon were being viewed across the country.  Because of the interest in his videos, Hammond Administrators suggested he record them in his empty classroom.

Lalumondier says “The production value is low, but the content is high.  I created them so that students of any age could follow along with whatever supplies they might have.”  He focuses on essential art concepts like the elements of art and the principles of design, all while presenting it “So even a 4 year old can partake.”

You can find a link to his YouTube channel HERE.


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