Heinz ketchup creates a puzzle that will have you seeing red

if sheltering in place has left you searching for projects, here's a puzzle that may do the trick
Heinz Puzzle 1

Image: Heinz Ketchup (Twitter)

Image: Heinz Ketchup (Twitter)

(CNN) — -While some people continuing sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic, there are a few people that are running out of things to do to pass the time. If that sounds like you a new puzzle created by the makers Heinz Ketchup may be the missing piece some have been searching for.

Heinz says this newest brainteaser may be more challenging than your average puzzle for one glaring reason, the color.  All of the pieces are all the exact same shade of red, with various shapes. The 570 piece set recognizes the companies 57 varieties of products.

Heinz gave 57 of these puzzle away during a contest held on social media, where anyone wanting to participate only had to post a comment along with the person they wanted to complete the puzzle with.

The contest was held in 17 countries. No word on when or if the puzzle will find a space to fill on the market anytime in the near future.


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