Dozens of Chapin assisted living residents looking for pen pals

It started with a post on Facebook, with some residents looking for pen pals with a similar interest as them.

Chapin, S.C. (WOLO) — There’s been a trend going viral on Facebook, where assisted living facilities are looking for pen pals for the senior citizens living there. One local assisted living facility is joining in and now feeling the love, as residents are getting pen pals from all over the world.

“We had 400 letters probably come just today. It’s a little bit more work for us, but it’s definitely worth it,” said Mary-Mac Richardson, Administrative Assistant of Generations of Chapin Assisted Living. “It’s been very hard for our residents here at the facility. So, we thought maybe this would brighten their day and let them know that other people outside of our facility are thinking about them.”

It started with a post on Facebook, with some residents looking for pen pals with a similar interest as them.

“Some of them said multiple things. But we were like well, just pick one of your favorites,” said Richardson.

Now, the movement of the Chapin facility is going viral, with hundreds of letters coming in for residents.

“Seeing the residents, their smiles on their faces, it really does mean a lot,” said Richardson.

All 44 residents have received at least one letter after three rounds of posting on Facebook.

“Everyone has received a letter so far, which is great. Most of the residents from Round 2 and 3 haven’t gotten as many as the first round, so that’s who we keep telling them to send to residents in Round 2 and 3,” said Richardson.

Some people send letters for every single resident.

“They’ll send a letter to all of them. They don’t put the names on there, they just said hand them out kind of thing. They’re very, very thankful for it,” said Richardson.

Letters have come from all over the world, and Richardson said they’re keeping track on a map in their office.

“We’ve received them locally, and we’ve received them all throughout the United States. The furthest we’ve received is Australia and India,” she said.

As the pandemic continues and precautions are kept in place, it’s not clear when residents may be able to have visitors again. Visitors haven’t been allowed in Generations of Chapin since mid-March.

But until then, they have their new pen pals.

“The isolation here in the facility of not being able to go out and having visitors in, that’s what’s hurting them the most. And these letters will be able to help them with that,” said Richardson.

You can find out more about the pen pal program by going to the Generations of Chapin Assisted Living Facebook page.

If you’d like to send a letter or package to one of the residents, please send it to:

Generations of Chapin
(Pen Pal Name Here)
431 East Boundary Street
Chapin, South Carolina 29036

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