Tropical Storm Could Impact Us Early Next Week

A tropical storm system right now located south of Puerto Rico (Wednesday evening) could impact us here in the Midlands on Monday. I emphasize “could” because it is definitely not a sure bet. Here are the factors. 1) It’s not yet a tropical storm because it’s not yet organized enough. But it’s expected to get better organized over the next few days. 2) On its current forecast path, the center of the storm would travel over 10,000 foot high mountains in the Dominican Republic. These mountains have a very good track record of shredding storms. 3) If the storm survives the Dominican Republic, then it could redevelop near the Bahamas. 4) If it redevelops, it could hold together enough to impact us here in the Midlands on Monday – if it stays in the forecast cone. 5) Assuming all of this happens, then the biggest threat to us would be heavy rain and tornadoes. Tornadoes get spawned on the east side of tropical – especially as they move over land. These tornadoes tend to be weak and short-lived. But they are still tornadoes.

Please stay tuned as we track this over the next several days.





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