Renewables Overtake Fossil Fuels in Europe

I read a lot about renewable energy. I’ve also modeled potential wind farms for a large utility company to help them plan for how much electricity they could expect from the wind in a given area. So I have a decent idea of what’s involved in moving to creating our electricity using renewable sources – like wind and solar. That said, I’m always amazed at how many uninformed folks aggressively argue that renewable energy can’t work for any host of reasons, including the following.

1) It’s not sustainable – Really?!?  Is the sun going to stop shining? Is the wind going to stop blowing?

2) It won’t work because what do you do when the sun doesn’t shine (at night) and the wind doesn’t blow?  –  Again, Really?!?  Has nobody heard of batteries? And there are all types of batteries – not just the ones that we think of in our cell phones.

The bottom line is that renewable energy is cleaner with no localized pollution or greenhouse gases, produces many good paying jobs, and is now cheaper than fossil fuels. So who’s taking advantage it? Europe. And in a big way. In 2020 renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) out produced fossil fuels for the first time. And this trend is going to continue. Check out this article.


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