Climate Change Made the Coronavirus Pandemic More Likely to Happen

Scientists have concluded that the Coronavirus Pandemic was likely enabled by human-caused Climate Change. But how?

Over the last century, the temperatures have changed quite a bit in China.  As a result, the vegetation has also changed. That caused many species of bats to move around. It is well-known that bats carry many forms of the coronavirus. And many scientists have concluded that the human pandemic started from the transmission of the virus from a bat to a human. So if the climate hadn’t changed, then the bats would not have migrated to where they were in more contact with humans. Here’s a quote from the University of Cambridge:

“The researchers discovered that vegetation changes in this area over the last 100 years had led to the introduction of 40 new bat species and, with them, 100 new types of bat-borne coronaviruses, a University of Cambridge press release explained.”

You can read a complete explanation here:



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