SCAG Alan Wilson joins GOP AG group in lawsuit over President Biden’s executive order on climate change

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– A dozen Republican state attorneys general including South Carolina’s Alan Wilson have filed a lawsuit over President Biden’s executive order on climate change. The suit challenges Biden’s authority over “massive expansion of federal regulations through executive order.” The goal of Biden’s order is to reduce climate pollution.

The lawsuit essentially claims that this sort of power should be exercised through legislative action by Congress. The suit also states that the executive order could result in a massive increase in regulations in multiple industries.

Alan Wilson released a statement Tuesday afternoon on the lawsuit, which read “one of the main parts of my job is to uphold the Constitution, so we’ve fought against federal overreach in both Democratic and Republican administrations,” Attorney General Wilson said. “These executive orders would take authority that the Constitution gives only to Congress. We cannot, and will not, ignore the Constitution.”

“Manufacturing, agriculture, and energy production are essential to South Carolina’s economy and employ thousands of hard-working South Carolinians across the state. Under President Biden’s executive order, which he didn’t have the authority to enact, these hard-working South Carolinians, who have lived and worked this land for generations, could be left in the dust,” said Attorney General Wilson. “From higher energy bills to lost jobs, this massive expansion of federal regulatory power has the potential to impact nearly every household in this state, which is why I joined a coalition of states to put a stop to this executive order and protect South Carolina families.”

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