Consumer News: Alcohol sales dip for first time during pandemic, a cereal brand returns to shelves and more!

CNN– The Federal Communication Commission wants to know if your internet is slow. The agency announced a new outreach initiative to gather consumer broadband experiences. The agency will be asking consumers directly for first hand accounts about availability and disparities in access. It’s part of the FCC’s effort to improve the accuracy of its existing broadband maps. It will also help leaders make future decisions about where service is needed.

Retail alcohol sales have fallen for the first time since COVID-19 started spreading across the country about year ago, forcing Americans to stay home. According to new data from Nielsen, total sales dropped 1.9% for the week ending March 13. In March of last year, many bars and restaurants began closing their doors or reducing service due to shelter in place orders in several states. Retail sales skyrocketed up to 55% in March of 2020. Nielsen says retail sales are still about 20-30% higher this month compared to two years ago.

Grape Nuts cereal is back on shelves after a shortage earlier this year. The breakfast food’s parent company is Post Consumer Brands. It tells USA Today, the cereal is stocked at full capacity nationwide. Fans who paid inflated prices when boxes were in short supply might even be eligible for reimbursement.

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