Consumer News: Google Maps changing its navigation, the impact of the incident at the Suez Canal and more!

CNN– Google Maps won’t be taking you to your destination the fastest way possible anymore. Instead, the navigation system will soon select the most fuel efficient route. It will consider things like inclines and congestion to help you reduce your environmental impact, but don’t worry about things taking too long. Google says it will only steer drivers to the greenest option when the estimated time of arrival is similar to other routes. In situations where that would bring you to your destination much later, the app will show you other choices and let you select which one you want to follow. You can expect the change later this year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is extending the order to halt some evictions until June 30. Some Americans are having trouble paying their rent because of the pandemic. The order, originally issued in September, has been extended twice already. The latest deadline was set to expire March 31. The CDC says evictions could hinder efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The fiasco in the Suez Canal, involving the massive container ship that got stuck, could disrupt supplies for weeks to come. Although the ship is now free, there is continuing concern about the impact on supply chains. That’s because hundreds of ships from around the world, carrying vital fuel and cargo, have been blocked from entering the canal for days. Mandy Gaither reports.

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