Couple walks from California to South Carolina to raise money for nonprofit organization

COLUMBIA (WOLO): From Huntington Beach, California to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- that’s how far a couple is walking. 

With gear packed, laces tied, and pups in tow, Matt Grooms and Grace Nesseth, sold their belongings, got out of an apartment lease, and began their walk across America on October 2nd. Just a few days ago, they arrived in South Carolina. ABC Columbia met up with them Monday in Lexington. 

“Yesterday was probably our new record of the number of people to pull over and say hi, give us cold beverages,” said Grace. 

Matt says, “it’s been like a parade walking through South Carolina.”

Trekking along 378 and stopping to rest every few miles, they’ve gone through at least 6 pairs of shoes on their journey, replacing them every 500 miles. 

145 days, 11 states, and more than 2700 miles down. They’re walking all for charity. 

“We’ve raised right around $60,000 and our goal is to raise $75,000 when we end on may 1st.”

They’re raising money for Time in a Bottle- a nonprofit organization cleaning homes for families with children battling life threatening illnesses.

“My mom actually started it. My brother had cancer when he was 11. He’s fine now, but she started cleaning on the side so she could make money to go to his appointments. When he got better, she wanted to find a way to give back to the community, so she started Time in a Bottle because she knew how important it was to give back that time and make sure things are sanitary when you have a life threatening illness and your immune system is compromised,”explained Grace. 

While hoping to help more families by providing funds to more cleaning services, Matt and Grace also set out on another mission. 

“Find love in the little things. We know not everyone can travel, get out there and do things, but no matter what you’re doing, who you are, where you are, there’s flowers, there’s all these small things that you can find so much joy in and finding that joy can really enhance your day to day life.”

“When you wake up, go try to meet somebody, try to say hello, just the simple things. Smile.”

They’ll soon head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where they’ll finish their journey on May 1st.

If you’d like to support their mission, you can donate here.

Of follow along with them on social media at theggoldenroad.

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