Consumer News: McDonald’s raising pay for some employees, grads can get free donuts today and more!

CNN– McDonald’s says it will raise pay for some employees. The fast food restaurant says its hourly wages will increase an average of 10% over the next few months to $13 per hour. Entry level workers will make at least $11 per hour and shift managers could make at least $15 per hour, according to McDonald’s officials.

Uncle Ben’s rice is now Ben’s Original rice. The new name and revamped packaging is on store shelves now. Last year, Mars Food announced it was overhauling the name and image because it was rooted in what they called racial stereotypes. The new packaging keeps the same orange color and blue font, but it gets rid of the image of Uncle Ben.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is introducing new packaging this summer, in an effort to be more eco-friendly. The image of Colonel Sanders will remain and the new design will more closely imitate the original signature bucket. The packaging is becoming slightly more environmentally friendly. KFC said it worked with sustainable forestry initiative and forest stewardship council to develop approved, recyclable paperboard.

Are you looking to get creative? YouTube is paying content creators who their new platform YouTube Shorts. It’s basically their version of TikTok.
YouTube says creators with the most engaging content will receive money from the $100 million fund over the next year. YouTube says to be eligible, all you have to do is post original content on “shorts.”

If a diploma in your hand isn’t enough to celebrate your graduation, Krispy Kreme is giving away a free “Graduate Dozen” donuts to seniors. To get the free dozen, you need to show up to Krispy Kreme on May 13 with your cap and gown or any clothing that proves you are a grad. The “Graduate Dozen” was introduced last year as a way to congratulate seniors who were not given a traditional graduation due to the pandemic. They brought it back this year as a reward for sticking out another challenging year.

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