So What’s the Blue Blob of Cooling in the Atlantic

Temperatures have been warming globally for decades. The map below – recently tweeted by Professor Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) shows how the temperatures have changed since the middle of the 1800’s. There is dramatic warming in the northern part of the northern hemisphere – the arctic, where the darkest red occurs. And you may notice a large area of dark blue, in the Atlantic Ocean just south of Greenland. At first you might think this is good news – at least there is some cooling to balance out the warming. But this cooling is actually an ominous sign. The cooling is the result of Greenland’s Ice Sheet melting. Yes, the cooling is a result of cold water running off of Greenland into the Ocean. Not good. This is part of the reason that the Gulf Stream has slowed down by roughly 15% over that same time. Again, not good. For further explanation on this, see


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