Consumer News: Air travelers set new pandemic-era record, Disney easing some restrictions at parks and more!

CNN– More and more travelers are hitting the skies. The TSA says screening numbers set a new pandemic-era record when nearly 1.7 million travelers were screened Thursday. That’s a jump of nearly 36,000 more people than the last record, which was just set Sunday.

Retail sales dropped slightly in April. According to the Census Bureau sales fell 0.8%. That comes after they jumped 10.7% in March. That spike experts say was due to a new round of stimulus checks. Even though April’s numbers dropped slightly, sales were still up 27% from the same time last year.

The Walt Disney Company is crediting Disney Plus for getting them through the pandemic. The platform grew to more than 103 million subscribers in a little more than a year. Still, some say there are concerns about lags in the platform’s growth that have caused a decline in stocks. There are several possible reasons behind it, including Disney Plus raising the cost of its monthly subscription by a dollar in March. Disney’s CEO said the company did not observe any significant cancellations since the price increase.

Speaking of Disney, they are easing some restrictions at their parks. Disney says it is getting rid of temperature checks but keeping mask requirements and urging vaccinations before visiting the parks.

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