Consumer News: TSA reports millions people traveled during Memorial Day Weekend, could future vaccines come without a needle?

CNN– Experts say when its all said and done, Memorial Day could be the busiest day at America’s airports during the pandemic. The TSA reported screening more than seven million people between Thursday-Sunday. On Sunday alone, 1.65 million travelers went through TSA screening. Experts say Memorial Day should cap off a record weekend of holiday travel and kick off a busy start to the summer.

American Airlines says it won’t resume alcohol sales in its main cabin until September 13. That date coincides with the end of the TSA’s mask mandate for all planes. The decision to extend the alcohol ban follows a recent assault of a Southwest flight attendant that resulted in a serious injury. American will continue to offer alcohol in first and business class cabins, but only in flight.

Carnival Cruise Line now has the green light to set sail soon with passengers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has signed off on parts of Carnival’s plans to restart operations from three home ports in Texas and Florida. Carnival says this just another step closer for passengers returning to the high seas. The line is planning to put three ships in service in July, but it’s not clear if Carnival is going to start with volunteers or full sailings.

What if you could get a vaccine without a needle? A group of biomedical engineers say they’ve developed a different way to deliver vaccines to the body, through your tongue. Danny Spewak reports.

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