Fitness Friday: Sweating it out with Hotworx

Tyler Ryan learns about the benefits of turning up the heat in your workout

LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) — People have been using heat in their workouts for a minute…if you have ever done hot yoga, you know what turning up the heat can do.  Rachel Maxwell, owner of a new fitness studio in Lexington called Hotworx, explains that introducing dry heat into a workout has many therapeutic benefits.

Maxwell says that introducing dry heat into your workout session with quickly warm up your core temperature and speed up your metabolism.  The heat also strengthens the regenerative process in the body, and of course maximizes the calorie burn.  A detox, pain relief, and stress reduction are also benefits, says Maxwell.

According to Maxwell, at Hotworx, you can select from different stationary bike routines, yoga, and palates, all done in a sauna over 100 degrees, which means shorter workouts that will make you sweat.

You can learn more about training in the heat or about Hotworx HERE.


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