Lexington 2 parents say school lacks appropriate mental health intervention after child placed in handcuffs

This action stems from a May incident where a 10 year old girl was placed in handcuffs by Springdale police due to "conduct" during dismissal

Lexington, SC (WOLO) —  during the Lexington Two school board’s budget meeting, board members heard from parents about concerns involving mental health funding.

This stems from a May 12th incident where police were called to help restrain a Springdale Elementary School student, whose mother says has special needs.

The school says because of the child’s conduct during dismissal they wanted to quote – “ensure the personal safety of all students”. Although a School resource Officer was present, Springdale Police were called in for assistance to subdue the child and according to officials, once they arrived they placed the 10 year girl in handcuffs.

Some parents say Lexington School District Two needs to put less money into police intervention and invest in programs and staff trained to deal with children with special needs.

The mother of the child involved in the altercation says her daughter” has been traumatized” and the lack of programs to treat children with special needs just are not available.

Several other parents also gave examples of their own incidents involving their children with mental health  and  how they say they were not tested, not given adequate treatment for their disability and say their children are  often treated as bad kids, instead of kids with special needs that are having a bad day.

In a statement released to ABC Columbia News, the school district says they are open to hearing from families or students with questions about student safety. And say they are conducting their own investigation into the incident, but are fully cooperating with law enforcement.

The School adds,

” Every child, regardless of race, gender, and other status, is deserving of a safe and secure learning environment. Any Lexington Two families or students with questions about student safety are encourages to talk with their local school administrators. Any questions about the actions of the local law enforcement should be directed to the Springdale Police Department. “


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