Consumer News: Carnival Cruise Line returning more ships to the water, TSA dealing with more unruly passengers and more.

CNN– Get ready to set sail soon! Carnival Cruise Line is getting ready to get back on the seven seas. The company announced three more of its ships will return to operation in September, and four more ships will begin service in October. The full fleet could be back in commission by the end of the year. Carnival says anyone who is not vaccinated will have to undergo pre-cruise testing.

The number of people flying hit a new pandemic-era record on Friday. The Transportation Security Administration says it screened nearly 2.2 million people at airports across the country. That’s the highest since the start of the pandemic. The TSA made the announcement on Twitter, with a couple of reminders. Get to the airport early, make sure there are no prohibited items in your carry-on bag and don’t forget to wear your mask.

With more Americans flying, more passengers have become unruly. In the past week alone, federal authorities received reports of 89 new incidents and seven more incident filings are on the way. As of Tuesday, the FAA says there have been more than 3,500 unruly passenger reports this year. Most of those incidents involve the federal transportation mask mandate. The TSA says 85 of its officers have been assaulted at airport checkpoints.

Many home buyers are giving up their search for their dream home because there just aren’t enough homes on the market, and prices are high. Mary Moloney tells us why one real estate expert says putting the idea on hold may be the way to go, but not for long.

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