80 dogs, 2 monkeys, bird in poor condition taken from home

LAKE WYLIE, S.C. (AP) — At least 80 dogs were taken out of a South Carolina home because they were living in very poor conditions, deputies said.

Two monkeys and a bird were also removed Monday from property in Lake Wylie, the York County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“The smell about knocked me over. There were feces everywhere,” sheriff’s spokesman Trent Faris told reporters outside the home.

The dogs were mostly smaller animals and were living inside and outside the home, deputies said.

The animals have been taken to the county animal shelter to determine how healthy they are and if they can be adopted, authorities said.

A man in the home was charged with ill treatment of and hoarding of animals and deputies said more charges are possible after a veterinarian examines the animals.

Deputies said they found methamphetamine and several guns in the home as well.

There were so many animals to examine that the York County Animal Shelter had to stop taking in other animals from the public on Monday.


Images in video courtesy of the York County Sheriff’s Office.

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