Consumer News: Experts note “shrinkflation” on store shelves, average rent increases in the Midlands and more

CNN– You might start to notice less cereal in the box or less toilet paper on the roll. Consumer experts say companies are opting for smaller packaging to offset rising costs. It’s called “shrinkflation.” It’s been around for decades, but it typically becomes more common when companies’ costs go up, like the inflation surge we’re seeing. Consumers notice price hikes but are less likely to notice smaller packaging.

The average rent for Columbia increased by more than 4% over the past month, according to Apartment List. The survey says the median monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment stands at nearly $1,100. Nationwide, the average rent has grown by 10% over the past year.

The seats may be full on your next flight, but the fuel tank may be a different story. If you plan on traveling this summer, there may be a shortage of jet fuel due to the increased travel demand. In some cases, it could cause flights to be canceled and airlines to make extra stops for fuel. Experts say it’s an issue in places like Idaho, Montana and Utah.

For some, back-to-school shopping has always been a bit of a nightmare. Unfortunately this year, experts warn it may be even worse. With more classrooms set to re-open, demand for school supplies is high, and inventory is low. Mandy Gaither has more on how to get the best bang for your buck.

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