Fitness Friday: Unlocking the Secrets of Isometric Exercise

Rachel Maxwell from Hotworx in Lexington shows Tyler Ryan some basic isometric routines, and the benefits of the methods


LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) – Isometric exercise is when you contract a muscle and hold.  According to HOTWORX Lexington owner Rachel Maxwell, it promotes muscular endurance, joint stability and strength gains through muscle activation.  It’s a low impact method of training and is very joint-friendly. The American Heart Association did a study several years ago that showed isometric training as even more effective than aerobic or resistance training for lowering blood pressure.

Maxwell says that it’s a great choice for home workouts because you don’t need equipment or a lot of space to get a very effective workout.  Of course, my first choice is to perform isometric exercises inside a far infrared sauna to maximize the health benefits and calorie burn, but you can get great results at home in your garage as well.
HOTWORX in Lexington is located on Sunset Blvd, next to the Food Lion at Sunset and North Lake.
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