Consumer News: Amtrak updates vaccine requirements for workers, IHOP to serve alcohol at some locations and more!

CNN— Amtrak is updating its vaccination requirements. According to a company wide memo, employees who don’t get the vaccine must either prove they have a valid medical reason or receive weekly testing. New hires have to show proof starting October 4, but current workers have until November 1 to be fully vaccinated. According to the Washington Post, the company’s mandate will apply to its more than 18,000 employees.

Postage may cost a little extra this holiday season. The United States Postal Service wants to increase the prices for a variety of services during peak holiday season. USPS says it would be a temporary rate adjustment to offset rising handling and delivery costs. The price hike would go into effect for priority mail and first-class package service October 3-December 26. The Postal Regulatory Commission still has to approve the new rates.

Pizza Hut is introducing a new plant-based pepperoni pizza. The restaurant chain has teamed up with Beyond Meat. It’s made from ingredients like peas and rice, with no GMOs, soy, gluten, hormones, antibiotics or cholesterol. Don’t try to order it just yet, its only being tested in a few cities.

You’ve probably heard of kegs and eggs, but what about pilsner and pancakes? Restaurant chain IHOP is offering beer and wine at some of its locations. If IHOP makes you think of just pancakes, that’s part of the problem leaders there say they are trying to solve. The restaurant is looking for ways to make customers consider IHOP for more than just breakfast. IHOP’s president says he believes eventually about 1,000 of the chain’s 1,700 locations will serve alcohol.

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