Consumer News: DOJ suing two major airlines, smoked brisket coming to Chipotle and more!

CNN– The Department of Justice sued two major airlines Tuesday. Department officials are accusing JetBlue and American Airlines of creating an alliance that raised prices and reduced choice for passengers traveling to and from major cities in the northeast. Last year, the two airlines created the “Northeast Alliance.” It operates out of four major airports in Boston and New York City. The DOJ says the companies committed to trading information related to flight operations.

McDonald’s is making more changes to its Happy Meal. On Tuesday, the fast food giant announced it would greatly lessen the use of plastics in its Happy Meal toys worldwide. That means, starting in 2022, kids can expect other prizes like 3D paper based items. Burger King pledged in 2019 to get rid of non-biodegradable plastic toys worldwide before 2026.

Chipotle is adding smoked brisket to its menu. Tuesday, the company announced smoked brisket will be available, for a limited time, at participating restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Chipotle says its beef is seasoned with Mexican spices and has a sauce made from smoky chili peppers. You will be able to get chipotle’s new brisket at restaurants starting Thursday.

Aston Martin has built a little car for the little, or not so little, James Bond fan in your life. The small electric car is based on the classic DB5 made famous in the Bond film franchise. It can’t be driven on public roads. The car features toy machine gun headlights and a smoke screen device. They will sell for about $123,000.

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