For the Health of It: Chronic upper body pain and treatment

Tyler Ryan and Hima Dalal discuss upper body pain and treatment options


LEXINGTON SC (WOLO) – Chronic pain and loss of motion due to upper extremity dysfunction can be challenging to live with, and even challening to evaluate.  According to Hima Dalal from Cora Physical Therapy, loss of upper Extremity (UE) can be result of:

  1. Brachial Plexus Injury
  2. Overuse Injury
  3. Orthopedic related issues, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, truma to shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger joints
  4. Spasticity, rigidity tone related issue
  5. Post surgery 
  6. Stiffness, immobility, and arthritis
  7. Whiplash & Myofascial pain
  8. Costochondritis
  9. Cervical issues
  10. ALS

Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist can treat the patient after comprehensive evaluation in order to decrease pain, and inflammation.  Over time, it can also increase range of motion, functional muscle strength safely to help you regain independence with self care, work, and recreational activities.

Integrative Therapy like Myofascial Release may be beneficial in certain chronic conditions .

Early Rehab may help you prevent surgery, injections, and pain medication and better quality of life.

Send email to Hima Dalal for further questions.


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