Heat Waves Due to Global Warming Are Killers – Way More Than Previously Thought

The earth is warming – dramatically. Climate scientists tell us that we humans are the cause. That’s because we continue to dig fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, etc.) from the ground and burn then for transportation and creating electricity. The result? We’ve increased  the concentration of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere by roughly 50% in the last 150 years. A recent review of the data shows that this is not only uncomfortable or inconvenient, it’s deadly. Here’s an excerpt from an article:

“Climate change is transforming the character of the West’s hottest periods — making them more frequent, more persistent, more humid and more lethal….Federal data show that poor families have a far lower rate of air conditioning units in their homes than the average, and even when they have AC, they are reluctant to use it, or get equipment fixed due to costs. As heat waves intensify and become more frequent, AC can be the difference between life and death.”

You can read the whole article here:  Climate change and California heat waves: What to know – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)




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