It’s Clear Why the Earth is Warming

Why is the earth warming? It’s pretty simple. We (humans) are digging up oil, gas, coal, etc., (fossil fuels) from the ground and burning these fuels. We burn them primarily to create electricity and drive our cars, trucks, etc.  This burning releases heat-trapping gases into the air. The most abundant (and therefor the most important) of these heat-trapping gases is carbon dioxide.  Over the last 150 years we humans have increased the concentration of carbon dioxide by roughly 50%.  A higher concentration of heat-trapping gases means that more heat is trapped – the earth is warming.

You can see from the image below from Neil Kaye (@neilrkaye) that we are adding heat trapping gasses at a faster and faster rate. Here’s his tweet:

“Four periods of equal sized global fossil fuel emissions. The first period was 222 years the last only 12! #dataviz #GlobalWarming #climatechange


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