Consumer News: Lawsuit claims Uber overcharged disabled individuals for longer loading times, the cost of your holiday meal is going up and more

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The Department of Justice says that, since 2016, Uber has been overcharging disabled people for taking too long to load into vehicles. The DOJ has filed a civil suit against Uber. The department says charging “wait time” fees for disabled passengers and potential passengers violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. An Uber spokesman said the company disagrees that its policies violate the ADA.

Inflation is way up, home prices and gas are too and now you can add credit card interest rates to the list of things on an upward trend. Those rates, which have moved swiftly higher this year, are now at near all time highs. That significantly increases the cost burden on those who carry a balance, and one analyst says roughly half of cards do have a balance.

Be prepared to pay a little more for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. The Chicago Tribune reports the cost of the annual holiday meal is expected to rise about 3-4%. Analysts say bird prices, turkeys in particular, have been flying upward recently. The USDA says frozen turkey prices are up 22% from last year. Cost increases are being blamed on a drop in production and inflation.

The Postal Service is ready to deliver your packages during peak holiday season. That’s the word from Postmaster General Louis Dejoy. Dejoy’s assertion comes after he previously apologized for slow mail delivery during last year’s peak season. It also follows the unveiling earlier this year of a 10-year plan for USPS involving a series of changes. Those changes include longer first-class mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours.

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