Consumer News: Some TikTok users could be entitled to money from settlement, United Airlines resumes liquor sales and more

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People who’ve been using TikTok since before September could be entitled to money from a class action lawsuit against the company. TikTok has disclosed a $92 million settlement proposal from its Chinese parent company. It comes from a federal lawsuit claiming TikTok illegally collected and used personal data from its users. People who think they’re impacted can file claims on

If you’re planning to buy a tech gadget as a holiday gift this year, you might want to purchase it right now. Shoppers are having a hard time finding some of the holiday’s hottest gifts, like video game consoles and smartphones. Some of Apple’s biggest products, like the iPhone 13, new iPads and AirPods, are experiencing delays well into December. The delays are caused from the global chip shortage and other COVID-19 related production challenges. Unfortunately, chip makers say the issue will likely continue through 2022.

United Airlines is going to start serving all types of alcohol on domestic flights again. United had stopped all food and beverage service early in the pandemic. In June, the airline resumed serving beer, wine and hard seltzers in economy class. As of Monday, United is selling mini hard liquor bottles on flights over 300 miles. It comes as violent incidents among passengers on U.S. airlines hit record highs.

Move over pecan pie, a new dessert wants a place at your Thanksgiving table. Reese’s released its largest peanut butter cup ever, in the form of a full-size pie. The nine-inch peanut butter and chocolate dessert weighs in at a hefty 3.4 pounds. If you haven’t purchased one yet, you’re out of luck. Reese’s says the pies sold out in a matter of hours.

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