Prisma urges parents to help kids build healthy habits during Children’s Dental Health Month

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Prisma Health is encouraging all parents and children to build healthy dental habits in awareness of Children’s Dental Health Month this February.

Prisma experts say good dental care is modeled behavior, so let your child see you caring for your teeth frequently. Dr. James Curtis of Prisma Health Dentistry-Midlands says establishing good dental habits early is crucial.

“Good oral health is a vital part of good overall health,” said Curtis. “Proper care, including regular dental check-ups and establishing healthy routines, are important. We encourage all parents to keep current with regular check-ups for their children so we can support their at-home dental care efforts.”

Ezperts with Prisma say you should establish a relationship with a dentist early on and watch the sugary drinks. Next, be diligent with your kids’ teeth. Dentists say children usually under the age of about 7 do not have the motor skills to brush their teeth properly. Experts add that you should teach your children about flossing while they are young.

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