Columbiana Centre shooting: Store manager helps wounded victim

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – In an ABC Columbia exclusive, we spoke with a store manager in the Columbiana Centre mall who says the shooting happened right outside of his store. The store security camera shows the moments shots were fired between the suspects.  Due to the graphic material of the security video we have decided not to show it. 

Islam Sark is the manager of Trendsetter, a clothing store. Sark says seconds after shots were fired he and his brother rushed out the store to help a female victim who had been shot.

“She was actually screaming, she was calling for help. So it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. The first thing I remember is I was actually dialing 911 and rushing to her to get her. That’s all I remember. I was actually on the phone with 911 and she was asking me questions. I was panicking, I was terrified,” says Sark.  While Sark waited for police he tried to comfort her. “I gave them some kitchen towels I had here just to press on the wound to try and stop the bleeding a little bit.”

Sark says Saturday, April  16th is a day he will never forget but hopes to never experience again. 

“I still have that story running in my head but I don’t think I’m gonna have trauma or I’m not suffering right now from any trauma because of this. I can understand for someone else maybe a little younger than me who has never experienced something like this or something close to this, I understand how they feel, how shocking that is, and traumatic,” says Sark. 

Sark says he hasn’t been in contact with the victim he tried to help. “I hope she’ll recover soon. I hope she’ll be better, I’m hoping that she will be fine.”

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