New SC law allows pharmacies to give birth control without prescription

ABC News 4 (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV)– An expert in family planning at the Medical University of South Carolina said a recent bill allowing pharmacies to give birth control without a prescription is “great news.”

The Pharmacy Access Act, signed into law last week, allows pharmacies to give out certain types of hormonal birth control even if a customer doesn’t have a prescription. Supporters of the bill said it was an easy step to reducing the number of abortions.

“I think it will absolutely prevent unplanned pregnancies,” said Dr. Jessica Tarleton at MUSC.

“I think it’s a win for patients. Patient safety and access to birth control are going to greatly improve,” said Dr. David Shirley.

Under the new law, women with certain health conditions will still be referred to doctors before receiving birth control. In addition, specific medical rules are still waiting to be written. The Board of Medical Examiners and Board of Pharmacy will write the medical requirements within six months.

Pharmacies also have the option to not provide birth control without a prescription.

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