New indictment and bond hearing for Curtis Smith

COLUMBIA, SC – A new indictment has been issued for former disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh and his former client, Curtis Smith. The state grand jury indicted them for two conspiracy counts, including a narcotics count. Last year, Smith turned himself in for allegedly conspiring to shoot Murdaugh in a failed suicide scheme.  Smith was arrested last week and today he was in court for a bond hearing.

Today, Smith’s attorney told the judge he has a right to a PR bond, he has no previous criminal history, and he isn’t a flight risk. However, the state fired back saying Smith does have previous offenses and the current charges he’s facing are very serious. 

Today’s new indictment pushes Smith to 10 charges including counts of money laundering, forgery and criminal conspiracy. The state alleges approximately 2.4 million dollars went from Murdaugh to Smith from 2013 to 2021.

”That was Murdaugh, he got all of that. I didn’t get none of it. I don’t have any money. All I have is my disability that I live off of and that’s it,” said Smith.

Smith’s attorney asked the judge for a reasonable bond considering his financial situation. 

“I live in a modest house on a small piece of property – I don’t have access to money like that,” said Smith. 

Smith also told the judge about his ongoing back syndrome.  “I’m missing three disc in my back from a back break in 2007. And I have titanium screws in my back.” His attorney told the judge there is concern he wont receive the level of treatment he needs in a pretrial incarceration.

The judge reached a decision and set a surety bond at 250 thousand dollars along with house arrest and ankle monitoring. Smith will also be subjected to periodic drug tests.


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