Two more earthquakes hit the Elgin-Lugoff area

The continued quakes are becoming the norm for many residents in the community. 

Columbia, SC (WOLO)  —

According to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, a 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck Elgin just before 9 p.m. last night, and a 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck Lugoff at around 3 a.m. today.

The continued quakes are becoming the norm for many residents in the Elgin-Lugoff community.

Crystal Dunning with Tony’s Pizza Palace says she’s used to the earthquakes at this point, but the sheer number of them concern her. “My husband is from California and he said that this is a lot of earthquakes. He said they have big ones but they don’t have this many,” Dunning said.

At another Elgin restaurant favorite, San Jose Mexican restaurant, Fernando Bravo says last night’s wasn’t so bad, but one of the earthquakes a few weeks ago was a little more noticeable.  “There was one when I was working here when I felt it under my feet. That one was pretty bad. It seems like the people here are used to it by now but it was pretty scary. It was a couple of seconds but people just looked around and kept going. I’ve been living here for 20 plus years and the last year was when I started feeling them,” said Bravo.

A few miles down the road at Lugoff House of Pizza and Subs, Ken and Vivian Rodgers say they feel the quakes at their home in Cassatt and are getting used to them like other residents. “Oh it sounds like a big truck coming. You know how the big trucks come rumbling down the road? And you can hear it and we’ll look at each other and say ‘earthquake’ because we know it’s coming and it gets closer and closer and then it sounds like it goes on by. Our concrete driveway has several cracks in it and we think it’s from the earthquakes,” Vivian Rodgers said.

According to SCEMD, geologists studying the ongoing swarm of earthquakes still believe this may be the longest period of quakes happening in a row in South Carolina’s recorded history.